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Martial Arts Products for the Students of the NorthWest Budokan and ISMSKF


Products may be ordered at class for pickup.

How to Size Sparring Equipment

Foam sparring equipment can be ordered on Amazon, but please make sure to order similar foam products.

Sparring Foot Pads
Foam dipped kicks provide protection for ankle and ankle instep. Vinyl strip bottom for secure fit and extra wide elastic band fastener around ankle for firm fit. Easy slip on and off.
Price:       $30.00
Sparring Hand Pads
Foam dipped punches secures with wide hook and loop elastic band. Double reinforced padding over knuckles. Features extended coverage over the wrists.
Price:       $30.00
Sparring Head Gear
Specially engineered 3/4 inch thick quality foam provides greater shock absorption. Features ventilation holes and extra wide padding over the ears for better protection. Fastens with adjustable hook and loop elastic chin strap.
Price:       $35.00

Sparring Shin Pads
Made of 1/2″ thick dipped foam with extra reinforced foam layer for better protection. Two elastic band loop fasteners for better fit. (color will be Black)
Price:       $25.00 
Sparring Chest Protector
Newly designed Velcro back straps make it easier to get in and out. Adidas sparring gear has long been a favorite among national karate and martial arts tournament competitors.
Price:       $40.00
Single Mouth Guard
Lightweight and easy to remold to custom fit your teeth. Great for light contact sparring. Price:       $8.00
 Size  Youth   Adult  
Mouth Guard Case
Great way to keep your mouth guard clean in between uses.
Price:       $8.00
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Double Mouth Guard w/Case
The Double Mouthguard protect both upper and lower teeth. Easy to remold to custom fit your teeth. Includes case. One size only.
Price:       $10.00  
Male Supporter & Cup
Required for all males when sparring. Available in youth small & large and Adults small thru Xlarge.
Price:       $15.00
Female Guard
Recommended for all females when sparring. Available in adult small thru large.
Price:       $10.00

Adult Hand Guard
Optional Sparring hand protection for Adults Only. May be used instead of foam pads.
Price:       $20.00

Adult Foot/Instep Guard
Optional Sparring feet/instep protection for Adults Only. May be used instead of foam pads.
Price:       $20.00

Mesh Tote Bag
Perfect to use inside large sport bags to separate wet, damp gear. Black mesh, nylon drawstring and cord lock. Size: 28 inches x 18 inches Dia.
Price:       $20.00