White Crane Products

Martial Arts Products for the Students of the NorthWest Budokan and ISMSKF


Products may be ordered at class for pickup.

Tuite It’s All About Body Physics”
Author: Jay Gravelle – $29.00
This book contains over 375 pictures and all the tuite requirements for white belt all the way to Shodan
for the ISMSKF and OSMKKF certification.
Order it HERE

The Spirit of Okinawan Karate Extended Throughout the World” by Hanshi Fusei Kise
The autobiography of Master Fusei Kise.  Limited to 2000 numbered copies. Each copy is personally signed by Master Kise.
Price:       $35.00
Belt Display
A showcase for your achievements!
Style may vary slightly.
Belts not included.
Price:       $30.00
Belts for Belt Display
Belts can only be purchased for belts that may have been skipped and you want to display all the belts you have earned or skipped on the Belt Display. You can only order belts up to the rank you have earned.
(Sensei must approve any belts purchased.)
Price:       $10.00

Shureido ISMSKF Embroidered Black Belt with Name in Kanji
Black Belts or students testing for Black Belt only! 
Imported from Okinawa. Allow 6-8 weeks for order to be shipped. 
*Price:       $130.00
Black and White Karate Shoes
Soft leather construction and durable rubber soles allow the best flexibility. Multi-circular disc sole allows you to pivot on your toes or heels with less slippage. Low cut available in youth sizes 1 & 2 and men’s sizes 3 thru 13.
Women order one size smaller.
Price:       $35.00 
*Price is approximate as the yen price fluctuates.